Adamine to accept payments in Bitcoin

BitcoinFrom January 2015, Adamine, the health and social care management and recruitment company, will accept payments from international clients in the digital currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a decentralized ‘open source’ peer-to-peer payment system which is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It is different from other payment systems like Paypal as there is no central authority with complete oversight or control over bitcoin resources. The bitcoin payment network is powered by all of its users and transactions are recorded on a massive ledger known as the blockchain. Bitcoin users can visualize addresses to which bitcoins are sent, without knowing personal information about the account holder.

One big advantage of bitcoin transactions is that fees are minimal, allowing users to conduct transactions anywhere in the world without the hefty fees often imposed by commercial banks. Bitcoin transactions are also instantaneous once users have set up their accounts.

Many clinics and doctors worldwide currently accept bitcoin – usually for minor procedures and consultations. But it is becoming more mainstream: in the UK, universities, charities and now the healthcare consultancy firm Adamine have all recently announced their willingness to accept the digital currency.

Adamine CEO, Linda Mbagwu says: “Bitcoin is being accepted more and more widely across the world. For international clients it can provide a straightforward and cost effective means of making payments”

“At Adamine we think accepting bitcoin supports our goal of seamless working regardless of international borders,” says Mbagwu. “We can also provide recruitment costings in Bitcoin should our clients prefer.”


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